Our Vision


  • To raise funds to help maintain and develop library services at the heart of our community in Pontesbury and the surrounding area for the benefit of all;
  • To work with local authorities to help develop opportunities to promote and support other educational resources for the community benefit; 

In the Short Term we envisage:

  1. A library run by a professional librarian with volunteer assistance where appropriate;
  2. The setting up a Community Business – in partnership with stakeholders i.e. Parish Councils and Shropshire Council – capable of taking over responsibility for the building and associated services to ensure sustainability;
  3. Adopting a business plan;
  4. Obtained Charitable Status for FOPL;
  5. Continuing to work with the Parish Councils and Shropshire Council Partnership and local schools;
  6. Maximising use of technical services and support from Shropshire Library Service;
  7. Continuing to use the present building while exploring opportunities to extend, including use of adjoining land;
  8. Adapting the building to accommodate wider community use;
  9. Funding to be generated by:
    • donations/subscriptions from the local community and local organisations;
    • income from events;
    • a Library Lottery;

In the Medium Term we envisage:

  1. Establishing a review procedure to ensure progress has been made in the short term;
  2. An improved building;
  3. Progressively becoming a resource centre and meeting place, initially with provision for:
    • a repository for local history;
    • a centre for tourist information particularly on rights of way (Definitive Map) and Pontesford Hill;
    • U3A meetings;
  4. Possible shared space with any bodies in the area seeking alternative accommodation;
  5. Provision to sustain services in the area as the public sector diminishes its role;
  6. Continuing to develop our U3A and other adult learning initiatives;
  7. Supporting the opportunity to be part of a community hub if established;
  8. Continuing and expanding fundraising, including grant applications;
  9. Continuing to lobby for ongoing funding from councils and other bodies to compliment local fundraising efforts.