The Friends of Pontesbury Library was an existing organisation which for many years gave support to the Librarian where and when it was needed. At an open meeting In April 2015 Shropshire Council presented the possibility of the Library closing in the following November.  Kath Oldfield, organiser of The Friends at the time, convened a group who feared what this would mean to the local area. From this a working party was formed to keep the Library open. That group, led by Bob Boden as Chair, started fundraising in earnest. 

From a standing start Bob has successfully steered the organisation through some challenging times and established a clear vision of how FOPL can play a positive role in the future. He and the FOPL Committee have negotiated with both the Parish Council and Shropshire Libraries to keep Pontesbury Library open. Bob stands down as Chairman this year, 2019. A huge thank you from all FOPL members for his tireless efforts over the past few years. 

Yvonne Davies takes over from February 2019 as FOPL Chair.