The Friends of Pontesbury Library has existed as a voluntary organisation which for many years gave support to the Librarian where and when it was needed.  At an open meeting In April 2015 Shropshire Council presented the local community with the possibility of the Library closing in the following November.  Kath Oldfield, organiser of The Friends at the time, brought together a group of like-minded people who feared what this would mean to the local area. From this a nucleus was formed that could take The Friends forward, working to keep the Library open.  That group, led by Bob Boden as Chair, started fundraising in earnest. From a standing start Bob has successfully steered the organisation through these challenging times and established a clear vision of how The Friends can play an active role in the future.  He and the FoPL Committee have negotiated with both the Parish Council and Shropshire Libraries to keep Pontesbury Library open. Bob stands down as Chairman this year, 2019. A huge thank you from all FoPL members for his tireless efforts over the past few years. Yvonne Davies takes over from February as FoPL Chair.

The list below is testimony to our recent successes. Not every event focuses solely on raising funds.  Some are, in the words of the BBC, ‘to inform, educate and entertain’ and, we’d add, to have some fun!


28 April 2018 Plant Sale raised £1,020.97
3 February 2018 Pantomime Raffle raised £600.00
6 January 2018.  Peter Traves Book Signing raised £70.00
6 January 2018.  Chip It for Charity raised £166.05
16 December 2017, Christmas Cake Raffle raised £70.00
28 October 2017, Back to the Garden Concert with the Village Quire raised £655.00
30 September 2017, Apple Pressing Day raised £523.00
5 May 2017, Mark Evan’s Talk, “Crossing the Empty Quarter” raised £2,020.00 shared with the Friends of Pontesford Hill
3 May 2017, Steve Knightley Concert at Minsterley Village Hall raised £333.00
29 April 2017, Plant Sale Event raised £895.26

Accounts for the Year Ended 28 February 2017

FOPL Accounts Year Ended 28 February 2017

CHALLENGES for the coming year

  • To make an informed decision about the possible move of the Library to the Community Hub building at Shropshire Homes’ Hall Bank development.  The shell of the building is being given virtually free by Shropshire Homes.  Shropshire Libraries is applying for a grant towards fitting out the new building and re-locating the assets.  FoPL will scrutinise any proposal put to us to ensure it is in our best interest.
  • To continue fundraising to secure a future for the Library
  • To involve more community members from differing backgrounds both as Library users and FoPL members

We look forward to welcoming more and more of you as FoPL members.  Membership is free.  May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported us in our efforts so far and to welcome the support of new members.