The Co-op match-funds what you save for charity

The Co-op Local Community Fund has selected the Friends of Pontesbury Library as a beneficiary for the coming year 2019/20. We applied last year 2018/19 and received £3,263 in two tranches. The way it works is that for every £1 spent on own brand products at the Pontesbury and Minsterley stores, Blue Co-op cardholders receive 5p as a Co-op card dividend to spend in store. The Co-op will donate a further 1p for FOPL at the end of the year.

All you need to do is:

  • Take your Blue Co-op membership Card with you when you shop at Pontesbury or Minsterley Co-op and present it at the counter or self-service checkout.
  • If you don’t have a Blue Card, the Co-op staff will happily help you acquire a temporary one until the plastic card is sent through to you in the post.
  • The last, and most important step is to go online or respond when you’re contacted to choose your preferred Co-op funded charity. Please select FOPL.

Further information is available from the Co-op here and at the Library.

FOPL is very grateful to the Co-op Community Fund and for the local Co-op’s on-going support.