There are over 100 members of the Library Lottery at the time of writing, November 2019.  Membership is on an annual basis and costs just £1 per number, so £12 per annum.  You can pay for as many numbers as you wish to increase you chance of winning! Use the standing order form below which will need to be submitted to your bank.  Or if you prefer pay with cash at the Library.  You will receive a prompt e-mail when it is time to renew your membership.


Standing Order Form  

Library Lottery numbers are drawn on the first Saturday of every month at 11.00am at the Library.

Please note that we will not share any of the personal information we hold as a participants of the Library Lottery Fund with anyone and we confirm that it has been encrypted.


5 January 2019

1 December 2018

1st Mr D. B. Sheppard, 2nd R C Gamble, 3rd Charles Thornley

November 2018

1st Mrs P Hannigan, 2nd Barbara Garrett, 3rd Mr K G Jenks

October 2018

1st  Stephanie Short, 2nd Chris Sleath, 3rd Geoff Brown

September 2018

1st Doreen Thomas  2nd David Wilson 3rd Gill Wilson

4 August 2018

Draw “A”  1st  Irene Windows  £25.00   2nd  Malcolm Whittall  £15.00   3rd  K G Jenks £10.00

Draw “B”  1st Adrian Windows  £25.00  2nd  Anna Danielli  £15.00   3rd  N R Gilmore  £10.00

2 June 2018

1st  Mike Fletcher   2nd  Kath Oldfield    3rd  Ben Osborne

5 May 2018

1st  Anna Danielli   £42.50       2nd  Patricia A Fear   3rd  Jenny Wateridge  £17.00

7 April 2018

1st  Stephanie Short  £42.50    2nd  R C Gamble  £25,50    3rd  Robert Davies   £17.00

3 March 2018

1st  Mike and Sue Edwards  £42.50   2nd Brian Morris  £25.50   3rd  Rachel Killi   £17.00

3 February 2018

1st Nadine Jenkins  £42.50    2nd Jane Sharp  £25.50    3rd Garry Homer   £17.00

6 January 2018

1st  Hugh Scriven   £42.50    2nd  Charles Thornley   £25.50    3rd  Derek Brookes   £17.00

2 December 2017

1st   Mr D B Sheppard   £42.50   2nd   R C Gamble   £25.50   3rd   Charles Thornley   £17.00

4 November 2017

1st   Rosemary Sylvester    £40.00    2nd   Janet Tolhurst       £24.00    3rd   Jane Cooke  £16.00

7 October 2017

1st   Allen Marsden    £40.00    2nd   Jennifer Jane-Stobbs £24.00    3rd   Denise Evans  £16.00

2 September 2017

1st   Mrs I R Roberts  £40.00   2nd Maureen Charles  £24.00   3rd Pat Frost    £16.00

4 August 2017

1st   Kath Oldfield   £40.00   2nd   Tony Payne   £24.00   3rd   Patricia Hignett   £16.00

1 July 2017

1st Denise Evans   £37.50  2nd   K G Jenks   £22.50   3rd   Catherine Cooper   £15.00