January 2017

In a couple of hours chipping £90.60 was raised, and Ben Trees came round earlier full of enthusiasm and a pot with a further £79.10 bringing the total to £169.70 which well exceeded expectations and shows that this initiative was not just good in principle but also excellent in fund-raising terms.


Ben is full of ideas for building on the initiative – he has left some bags of chippings for sale at the Library (£1 per bag), has volunteered to bring his chipper along to future events such as plant sale and many more ideas. I suspect that we will be taking him up on them! Especially that we do an enhanced version next year, possibly also encouraging many more of us to have real trees.

June 2016

We have continued to make good progress with fund-raising.

The Gardeners Association ‘Spring into the Garden’ Event in May raised £ 176 from donations and book sales. Then, on May 24th, a group of pupils from Pontesbury Primary School held a ‘Books, Bracelets and Bake’ sale outside the Library and raised a splendid £175! Thank you everyone for your support.

We also manned a ‘Sweet Treats’ stall at Minsterley Fete on the 11th June and took a further £61. Time was spent spreading the latest news and information regarding your Community Library.

April 2016

April was a very successful month for the Friends of Pontesbury Library and we are looking forward to more events over the summer and autumn.

The pupils of Mary Webb School raised a WHOPPING £800 for the Library!! The funds were raised through a range of events and a giant cheque was presented to our Schools Liaison Officer, Rachel Kili together with another giant cheque for £226 presented by Pontesbury Primary School pupils who raised it as part of a ‘Let’s keep Pontesbury Library Open’ Project.

On Saturday 30th April, the Friends held a giant bring and buy plant sale, coffee and cakes morning and raffle at the Library which raised a total of over £1,024!! Plants arrived from a host of donors, including a range donated by Hignetts of Pontesbury. They kept rolling in! Also rolling in were supporters from far and wide, all providing and buying plants and eating cake. Too many to count, all leaving the event laden with herbaceous specimens, coffee and watermelon smiles! Excellent coffee and cakes were supplied by June Tune and her team and raised £185.

The raffle prize was a delightful floral display kindly presented by Anne Whysall, Florist of Pontesbury and was won by Roger Evans who as you will see from the photo was thrilled to bits. The raffle alone raised £126) for the cause.

Many thanks to all those who donated plants or their time or who just came and supported us. Particular thanks to Catherine Trimby, Irene Windows, Yvonne Davies, our Librarian Beverley Link for her patience and the Growers Association whose ‘Spring into the Garden’ event will be held on 12th May at 7:30, for their continuing support.

Our Plant Sale was a huge success not just because it raised lots of money, but also because it was a lively community event, raising the profile of the Library and particularly the need to keep it open and develop it for wider uses. AND THE SUN SHONE! Funds are clearly coming in (over £2,000 in the month) but we have a long way to go yet. We need a further £6,000 by next March. If we lose the Library, we will never get it back.