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Shropshire Council has now published its draft strategy for the County’s Library Services for the years 2018 – 2023. It is out for consultation and the deadline for responses is Friday 6th October.

Why comment?

Shropshire Council will take our comments as a basis for how to run the library Services for the next 5 years. It is proposed that the Community Library in Pontesbury is in Tier 2, giving us more council support e.g. a staffed librarian. We need to show that the Library is of value to our community by engaging with the survey, otherwise in the face of limited budgets, Pontesbury might be downgraded to Tier 3.
In the How to Comment text the URL for the survey (if you copy and paste it into the browser) actually takes you directly to the survey. The text seems to imply it would take you to a Get Involved page containing information about the proposal, which it doesn’t. The URL is probably not correct.
Also, it would be better to make the URL a live link to the correct page rather than have a screen shot of the councils website. That way it would be real and if they change it, the updates would come through. And the FOPL website page would load more quickly without a large image. To add the link copy it, select the URL or text you want to link, click on the chain-like symbol in the tools, paste the link in the address field and tick the box to make it open in a separate window/tab. Bob’s your uncle.

How to comment

Just  follow the link

There are 8 questions about using the Library, then the usual info is required about age/gender/ethnicity etc. All answers are totally anonymous. A hard copy of the Strategy is available in the library and below are some guidance notes from Bob Boden, FOPL Chairman.

Responding to Shropshire Council’s ‘Draft Libraries Strategy for Shropshire, 2018 – 2023’

“You will be aware that Shropshire Council has recently published its Draft Libraries Strategy for wide consultation. The full document can be seen on the website and in order to respond to the consultation, you should go to the ‘get involved’ section   of the website which provides a useful summary and straightforward procedure for your response.

The deadline for submissions is the 6th October. The Friends of the Library will be submitting a response as will the Parish Councils and other bodies but they and the Library Service are keen to hear from individual readers. In the current Village Newsletters, we have highlighted certain implications for Pontesbury Library.

The Friends response will seek certain clarifications but will broadly welcome the Strategy. Partly as a result of the enthusiasm of the local community and continuous dialogue with the Council, this draft Strategy represents a sea-change from the attitude set out at the original confrontational public meeting which many of you will have attended. The approach now, acknowledging financial constraints, is to work with local communities to avoid closures and retain the best possible library service for Shropshire.

A response from you will re-assure that the Pontesbury area’s enthusiasm to retain and develop the local Library is undiminished, that apathy is not a word which we understand and that the community is keen to work in partnership with the Council.”


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