Congratulations Atlantic Ladies!


Atlantic Ladies

They have finished at 6.36 am 13th Feb 2018.

60 days 18hrs and 34mins


We have been following the ladies from the very beginning of their adventure, when  Di Carrington first gave a talk to one of our general meetings. Di lives in Pontesbury and the FOPL and customers of the library have been keenly following them. We have charted their progress on a very large map in the library, updating  their position every couple of weeks. There has been great excitement at the news today that they have broken 3 world records.

The Atlantic Ladies took on the challenge of rowing what’s known as the ‘toughest race in the world’ across the Atlantic to raise funds for their charities.

Relapsing Polychondritis UK

Alzheimer’s Society

Motor Neurone Disease

If you’d like to make a donation visit and simply click on the Make a Donation box near the top on the left-hand side.

We look forward to hearing more from Di upon her return to the village and wish them all a wonderful homecoming!


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  1. A fantastic result for Di, Sharon and Elaine. I’ve just watched BBC Midlands news and it really brings home how tough the crossing was and just what they have achieved. Here’s to rolling out the red carpet on Di’s return to the village!

  2. Thank you everyone for your fantastic support, Bri would tell me about how many people in the village were rooting for me, this was a massive boost, especially when the going was tough. It has meant a great deal knowing how many of you have been with me all the way. Thank you so much. Di

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