Local Author’s Book Signing

A warm welcome for Peter Traves

Peter  introduced and signed copies of his recently published book ‘Not Great Hopes’.  The Library was packed to hear Peter introduce his thoughtful and entertaining account about growing up in Birmingham in the 50s and 60s. It struck a real chord with many of us who lived through the same decades.


Below are extracts from a conversation with Peter about his book.

Why did Peter want to write this book?

Where did the book title come from?

How does Peter prefer to do his writing?

Can we find out more about the history of that time from your personal account?

If you missed the event copies are available to buy from the Library or Merle Traves merletraves@googlemail.com for £10 + pp, or from Brewin Books email brewinbooks.com or Amazon for £14.95  There is also a Library copy donated by Peter and Merle, for which sincere thanks.

Peter and Merle Traves as he signs copies of his book.

And here’s a short extract  from No Great Hopes featuring Peter, his primary school friends and Davy Crockett.  It is  read by the author.  Enjoy!


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