Wellness Week

Laughter in the Library!

National Libraries’ Wellness Week kicked off with laughter.  An overcast and rainy morning on 6th October didn’t hold much promise.Not a morning to venture out, but venture out people did!  A good audience flocked to the Library to hear farmer, actor and comedian Martin Jones tickle our funny bones with his original stand-up routine. He told us how he began his career in farming and how this precipitated his first attempts at writing poetry and sketches.  A natural actor and accomplished performer, Martin had us laughing in the aisles with tales of cows, addiction, mid-life crises, a farming trainee who couldn’t tell a cow from a bull and a  chef who talked constantly in puns about food! One of the cleverest  pieces was Martin’s re-writing of Lewis Carroll’s poem Jabberwocky using place names from Shropshire – a bravura performance.

Irene Windows introduces Martin Jones to the assembled audience.

A huge thank you to Martin for giving up his time, making a dull morning a whole lot brighter and setting us all on the journey to wellness  by giving us a good laugh!

Martin in role as Freda the Farmer


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