Creating a MEMORY BOX for VE DAY 2020


Can you or a relative or friend remember the ending of the Second World War?  As we commemorate VE DAY nationally we are inviting you to share memories from WW2 and particularly what happened on this significant day.

Here’s a photograph of my father when he signed up for the RAF.  He and his brother, like many other young men across the Commonwealth, were encouraged to travel to England from the West indies to help the war effort against Hitler.  He became a Flight Lieutenant and flew Spitfires.

Edward Hamilton Lawrence

With your permission we would like to post some of your photographs and comments on this page as a way of respecting and remembering those who gave so much on our behalf during the war years . Do get in touch via the LEAVE A REPLY box at the bottom of this post or via CONTACT US at the top.  Someone will get back to you to discuss contributions you may be able to provide.  Thank you.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Librarian Beverley Link has combed through the shelves to find some useful fiction and non-fiction connected to VE DAY and the Second World War.  Here are a couple of them, more to be added in the coming days.




















Thanks to Pontesbury Parish Council for information about activities you can take part in, even under lock-down.  We wish you well with your celebrations!

Piccadilly Circus, London, VE DAY1945


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